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In the Studio - November 2022

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Peruzi continually designs new pieces that naturally become limited editions.

My new obsession - coloured porcelain

We think of porcelain as that lovely fine white, but did you know that porcelain can be coloured with stains that are blended in to the clay itself? It's a technique called Nerikomi, originating from Japan, and was originally created using different naturally occuring clay bodies, but with modern stains it's now becoming possible to create items with lovely vivid colours. Here's a few of my newest pieces. In the first picture are some beads where the body has been made with black porcelain, and they've had stripes of coloured porcelain laminated to them. These colours will be very vibrant after firing. The pieces in the last photo were my first coloured clay experiments, this is something I'm definitely going to be working on further!

Look out for them coming soon in new arrivals.

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