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The Littlest Musician Pendant

The Littlest Musician Pendant


Handmade ceramic domed pendant.  For this piece, the clay has been rolled out, cut, domed over a form and dried before it's first firing.  The next stage was three coats of clear gloss glaze, then a second firing.  Finally the vintage design was added and fused to the piece in a third firing.
This pretty pendant would look great on a simple ribbon or cord.  It measures 51mm in diameter.  The clay is 6mm thick and the doming gives it an overall 'height' of 12mm.

  • Postage/Shipping Details

    France: 4.00 Euros up to 100g, 5.50 Euros for over 100g.

    Rest of World: 7.00 Euros up to 100g, 12 Euros for over 100g.

    Free postage for orders over 100 Euros.

    Tracking is included on all orders.


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